Preloaders are pretty useful for resource-intensive websites and applications. On many occasions, loading animations are used as the first UX element. We have seen many kinds of preloaders these days. Developers work really hard to give you the best waiting experience with fun, satisfying preloaders. There are many methods to build a preloader. The simplest method is creating a loading gif.

Gif is an image format used for simple animations. CSS loader is another popular choice among developers. Other popular preloaders are javascript preloader and SVG preloaders. In this post, you can find some great and funny preloaders and you can even use them in your own projects.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Last updated Jun 12, 27, Continue Reading. Sajan is a Web Designer and Seo Specialist. You might also like. Prev Next. Leave A Reply. Pin It on Pinterest.One of the issues that every web developer has to keep in mind is the page loading time.

Granted, with the higher internet speeds that we have nowadays, most of the pages and apps open rather quickly. However, there is always some space left for improvement. In some cases, it is unavoidable to let the users wait for a brief moment for all the data and pages to load.

In moments like that, you need something to get the users attention and keep them on the site long enough for all the content to load. One way to do that is by adding an eye-catching loading animation or loading gif to the site to keep the users entertained while they are waiting for the rest of the site to load.

This is a great example of a loading screen gif that catches your attention for long enough for the rest of the content to load. And a moment is really all it takes….

Since the website behind this loading animation is a brewery, this loader gif makes all the sense in the world. It depicts the production process of the brewery products which will not only reduce the frustration of the users that have to wait for the page to load, but it will actually spark their interest in a creative way. The beauty of this loading icon lies in its simplicity. It is intuitive and it will keep the users occupied rather than letting them leave the page in frustration.

This loader animated gif is great for two reasons. The best things are often the simplest ones and the same rule applies to the CSS loading animation. While this one might seem boring to some, it is actually perfect in its simplicity. The nesting pattern is always a good choice when it comes to loading animated gifs.

website loading animation

Add the 3D effect into the mix and you have a perfect loading animation that is worth creating! When designing your loading animation, always think about the target audience and what is it that they would like to see.

This website did a great job at that by combining several things associated with Christmas and creating a preloader gif perfect for children-targeted online courses. Triggering an emotional response with your users is always a good idea if you know how to do it right.

Add the rotating effects and the gradient colors into the mix and you will create some lovely loading screens. This loading bar gif not only serves its purpose, but it is also really cool and fashionable. The worst way of creating a loading image gif is by creating something that makes no sense and tells no story at all. The preloader images that we see here are ideal for that. This loading animation with the rapidly changing numbers and quickly rotating color bars lets the user know that the site is being loaded as fast as possible and that the problems are being processes in the background right then and there.

The design is clean and its beauty lies in its simplicity. It is a great progress bar gif that would fit right into any website.

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This light loader in the shape of a spinner is a great loading animation who like simple designs with a little twist. This loading circle gif created by Glen Cheney is a beautiful and complex feature that uses. That means that it can be run in pure CSS3 with many options including different colors, sizes, and speed. Do you remember the old school Windows screensaver? It uses a lot of JavaScript and even though it is called a canvas element, it does not actually use a canvas element on the page.

See the Pen Three.Modern high-speed Internet has really made us spoiled. These days, if a website takes more than 4 seconds to load, we tend to not even bother waiting; we simply close the page and find something else. That is exactly why designers are taking the time to come up with creative preloaders like this fun little bouncing ball. Preloaders are often simple or complex animations that are used to keep visitors entertained while server operations finish processing.

Unfortunately, they are also frequently overlooked in the development process of most projects. In recent years, most projects have been developed with simplified loaders as the recommended best practice. However, with processing power increasing, the era of simple loaders is coming to an end. Today, a well-designed, creative animation provides an opportunity to enliven your interface.

This small, but important detail contributes to the individuality and branding of any product. This sliding square loader makes the waiting a bit less frustrating as it keeps your eye moving along with the squares.

A great solution for businesses who sell electronics or games online to keep their visitors engaged with the website.

The bouncing black balls that appear out of nowhere and disappear serve as an entertaining element and could be used for websites that want to look presentable yet with a pinch of playfulness.

This is a perfect example of a drum-like preloader which resembles a spinning lottery wheel. If a business owner wants to make a logical connection between this loader and the application which may imply opportunities, luck, or excitement, then this loading screen should serve its needs. These simple geometric shapes remind a birdy turning its head to the left or right as if talking to somebody. This animation can make a good preloader for sites featuring businesses in the TV- radio- or social media industry.

Applications featuring travel or location-based services could make loading much more appealing using the little colorful geopin which flips back and forth. An exciting animation with different kinds of balls in motion makes visitors forget that this is just a loader. This loader could complement any website featuring sports events, activities, or sports inventory. Love animals? Here is a loader in disguise — a swinging monkey. Being fun and entertaining, it can entice users while they are waiting for the page to load.

The copper preloader in the shape of the eternity loop moves smoothly like a mesmerizing wave. The loader with its neat, minimalistic design and soothing animation is applicable for almost any business.

Here is the drop that never drops. The white and subdued blue colors contrast well together, and this preloader will never make the visitor bored or frustrated with the loading. Businesses who would like to appeal to younger generations could use this loading screen. It is supposed to warm visitors up before they actually access the content of a website. This loader is good for sports sites or any other sites that offer anything from sports activities to inventory.

This planet loader can be used for entertainment apps, or any other organizations which do research or make various discoveries known to the public. A blurred gearwheel loader with the three spinning gearwheels embodies movement and complexity and could be appropriate for businesses who market machinery or mechanic parts. The descending and ascending stairs loader with a white ball jumping on top has a minimalistic design yet it is very straightforward.

It could make sense for business who want to present themselves as serious and trustworthy.Loading is a typical situation to use animation, but never the least.

32 Creative Loading Animations That Are Worth The Wait

With loading. With semantic animations and our dedicated online editor, loading. Furthermore, animations are provided in various formats so it won't be a problem to use them in different platforms or framworks. Resources on loading. You can customize any of them by your own style and save the configurations directly in loading. Images are all based on the loseless vector format SVG to optimize the image quality and file size.

Save your time and money over huge software if you don't want to spend hours in tutorials and functions you'll never use. Save your loading time and bandwidth from yet another JS Library. Need compatibility of older browsers like IE?

Upload and animate your own images! Ajax loaders and spinners for indicating ajax or website loading status, shipped in 4 formats with both free and premium content. A complete icon library empowered by animation with loading. Static icons are free and released under Loading. Full-sized, live images dedicated for the background of your next project. Animate your own words with loading. SVG-based progress bar library in JavaScript. A set of seamless repeatable semantic animations in CSS for different kind of purpose, along with several pure css loaders bundled inside.

A set of pre-built, semantic animations in CSS for transitional effectsuch as scene entering, exiting, dialog toggling. A tiny css library for adding loading state on your button. Online CSS button generator for generating loading buttons with different styles. A list of button preset is also provided for you to choose. A playground for quickly prototyping and generation of flexbox-powered CSS code.When Google launched the offline video download option on YouTube, they created an impressive ad showing how annoying the loading symbol is.

Yes, in the fast world no one wants slow connection and slow web pages. But sometimes we have to deal with this loading issue. Rather than simply showing a loading message with an animated circle, we can do something creative. In this list, we have collected some of the best creative CSS loading animations. Some designs have minimal look, while some have really interactive designs.

Top brands even care about the loading symbol on their website. Logos and elements related to the business are used on the loading animation to clearly brand their website. In this list there are some loading animation designs for brands and business websites as well, so make sure you check all of them. If you are looking for Google-like CSS loading animations, this design might impress you.

In this example, the creator has animated three circles combine together to form a single circle. Different colors are shown when the circles combine together.

Top 30 Most Captivating Preloaders for Your Website

The color transformation is sleek and smooth so that the user can enjoy seeing the color transformation.

Since this animation is made purely using the CSS3 script, it can handle all modern colors and gradient colors.

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Just like the design, the code is also clean so the developers can easily utilize this code on their website or application. The default design of this CSS loading animation makes this a perfect option for photography websites.

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Squares and focus point corners give the feel of a camera to this loading animation. Only the focus point corners are animated in this design, hence they are simple yet elegant. Not only the design but the coding is also kept simple in this example.

Hence, you can use all modern colors and other effects on this loading animation to make it unique for your website or application. From the name itself you can infer that the creator has used the atom-like structure in this loading animation. If you are having a logo related to the atom design, using CSS loading animations like this will be a good choice.

The animation effect is smooth and fluid so that the user will enjoy seeing this loading animation.The border property specifies the border size and the border color of the loader. The border-radius property transforms the loader into a circle.

The blue thing that spins around inside the border is specified with the border-top property. The size of the loader is specified with the width and height properties. At last, we add an animation that makes the blue thing spin forever with a 2 second animation speed. Note: You should also include a -webkit- prefix for browsers that do not support animation and transform properties. Click on the example to see how.

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An example of how to place the loader in the middle of the page and show "page content" when loading is complete:. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:.

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website loading animation

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Loading animation - i-Spy. Loading Animation using a Vector Clock. Loading animation - Let Girls Dream. Loading animation - ZIZO. Loading animation - Defeat B. Loading page - Andrew Leguay.

51 loading-animation UI Design Examples

Loading animation - Yanlin Ma UI experiments. Taro Yoshimura portfolio - Loading page. Minimal loading page - Lasca Studio. Loading transition - ITG. Loading animation - 24hourace Gucci.

website loading animation

Color to grayscale loading animation - BBC real happiness project. Portfolio - Danillo de Marco.

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